Through ELOQUĒNTIA we want to give everyone a platform. You don't need experience, just passion! If you want us to publish your work, just fill in a small form available below. But don't leave yet! Before doing so, please read carefully the rules and regulations explained below.

On the form, tell us something about yourself and your work. Don't forget to attach links to your social networks or blogs so that we can see your style more in-depth. When we contact you personally, we will send you all the necessary information and guide you step by step.

Content  we look for

Your work should reflect one or more of the magazine's values and interests: sustainable fashion, climate change, inclusiveness and representation of different communities, family heritage and culture. 
This is an opportunity open to everyone, regardless of your age or style. If you want to start taking your first steps in the industry, this is the sign you've been waiting for!


Rejected work

If your work does not meet the magazine's requirements, it will not be published.

Rules and regulations

This is not a paid experience. 

You may submit a photograph, a painting or an illustration.  

It can be done by hand or through digital programs. 

Your work must be your own. You cannot submit something that already exists because it will not be published. We are looking for original content.

Your artwork must be accompanied by your name or pseudonym, your social networks, a title and a brief explanation of what it represents and what it means to you (about 150 words). We want your work and your words to be inspiring to others, so please take your time and put in the effort.

The title of your work, as well as its description, may be translated into other languages. 

You may not advertise any brands or businesses. This includes your own. However, if you have a blog or a website, you may leave the link. 

Plagiarism is completely forbidden. If it is detected, your work will not be published and you will not be able to collaborate with us again.

You are the sole and direct owner and responsible for your work. If any internal or external problem or inconvenience arises, ELOQUĒNTIA will not be responsible.

If any of these rules and conditions are not met, we will contact you and you will have a second chance to modify your work. If it still does not meet the quality and ethical standards of ELOQUĒNTIA, your work will not be published.

Work with us

Thank you!