Hello, writers! With ELOQUĒNTIA, I want to give everyone a platform. Experience is not needed, only passion! If you wish to publish your article in ELOQUĒNTIA , all you have to do is fill a quick form, available in the "Join Us" section. Don't leave just yet! Please, read the instructions below carefully as all the rules and regulations you are agreeing to are explained there. 

Once you have submitted your form, you will have to wait a few days for confirmation. If your theme works for ELOQUĒNTIA, you can start writing! If it does not, I will contact you explaining why your idea is not fitting for the page, and you will be able to submit a different idea. If you want to submit an already-written article, you will have to adapt it to ELOQUĒNTIA's requirements before doing so. 

Content we look for

ELOQUĒNTIA is all about sustainable and ethical fashion, and all its ramifications. Also, about aspects of the industry that may or may not be attainable for the future. 


You can present an original research, an article of opinion, your personal experience, an interview, or a book review. These are just ideas, let your imagination run wild! Just keep in mind ELOQUĒNTIA's rules and regulations before you start writing your article. 


Rejected work

If any of ELOQUĒNTIA's requirements are not met, you will be notified. You will have another chance to make the necessary changes. If it still doesn’t reach the quality standards, your work will not be published. 


If plagiarism is detected, your work will be discarded immediately and you will not work with us again. 

Rules and Regulations

This is not a paid experience. 


Your article can be written in English, French or in Spanish. You can submit a version in both languages, or sign up to translate it later. 


Excellent or native writing skills of the language you are writing into are required. 


Your piece of writing will not have less than 300 words or more than 800 words. 

You must send in your article in a .docx format or through Google Drive to our email eloquentiamagazine.info@gmail.com


All images will be properly credited to their owner if they are not of free use. If you are the owner, you should credit yourself. 


Any articles cited or paraphrased in your work should be properly referenced with an hyperlink.


Use proper and respectful language. Freedom of speech is encouraged, but don’t be too harsh. 


You must not publish in ELOQUĒNTIA any article that you have already published in other platform, and you must not publish the article you write for ELOQUĒNTIA in any other platform. 


You must not advertise any brand, whether it is good or bad publicity. That includes your own. However, if you have a blog or webpage you would like to link (or any social media platform) you can do so. 


You can make interviews to people that take part in the sustainability movement, but you will not advertise their brand. Their brand can be mentioned, but the interview will not be about said brand. It could be about sustainability, their opinion on the industry, what it takes to have a sustainable business, etc. 


Plagiarism is completely prohibited. If plagiarism is detected, your work will not be published and you will not be able to submit any other work again. 


You are the rightful owner and completely responsible of your work. If any problem would arise, ELOQUĒNTIA will not be held responsible. 


All the articles you submit may be translated into another language, but the true meaning of your words will never be altered. Translators may contact you via email if any doubts arise, and you must respond to them. 


The editorial board has the full right to make changes in the articles and translations in order to guarantee their correct publication, in accordance with the standards of ELOQUĒNTIA, mentioned above. 


If any of these criteria are not met, you will be contacted for a second chance at revising your work. If it still does not reach the quality and ethical standards of ELOQUĒNTIA, your work will not be published. 


Spanish style guide for writers

Our free style guide for writers working with Spanish. English version coming soon.

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