Our Story


ELOQUĒNTIA emerged from the idea of sustainability, intersectional environmentalism and social awareness in the fashion world. It was also born out of the need to provide career opportunities for writers and translators (mainly students or recent graduates) who want to take their first steps in this industry. We believe that talent and experience do not necessarily go hand in hand, and that is why we are willing to give everyone an opportunity.


One of our main principles is total transparency. We are a volunteer-led magazine, and all our collaborators are volunteers as well. The magazine advocates for education, awareness-raising and the distribution of free resources. No member of our team receives financial remuneration for their work on the magazine, and that's why we do not offer paid contributions either.   

What do we do?

ELOQUĒNTIA advocates for slow journalism and slow content creation. For this reason, we publish one article a week on our website, as well as one or two translated articles. Keep up to date with our latests updates through our social networks!

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The Team

Gema Coello - Founder and Editor-in-chief.

Fátima Gómez - Translation Team Manager.

Sandra Iscan - Translator.


Estíbaliz Correa - Translator.


Deniz Iscan - Translator.