Our Story

ELOQUĒNTIA emerged from the concepts of sustainability and social awareness in the world of fashion. We are aware that the industry needs a drastic change, and that this will not be achieved overnight. 


ELOQUĒNTIA was born in the hf (high fashion) community of Twitter, which is full of brilliant minds with all kinds of inspiring ideas. This is a space where anyone (and I mean anyone) can make a contribution. The fashion industry needs to change from the inside and consumers have the strongest voice. Why not use it?


We want to hear the voices of those who have something to say. Achieving sustainability is not an easy task, but neither is it as far away as we think it is. The fashion industry has an incredible community of people who are concerned about the general welfare. This platform is a place where they can express themselves with complete freedom.

What do we do?

ELOQUĒNTIA publishes 2 or 3 articles a week on its website, as well as it gives visibility to the work of very talented and potential artists. In addition, it expands its horizons thanks to the ēCommunity, a safe and collaborative space where you can share all kinds of ideas. Keep up to date with our latests news through our social networks!

The Team

Gema Coello - Founder and Creative Director.

Sandra Iscan - Translator.


Fátima Gómez - Translator.


Estíbaliz Correa - Translator.


Deniz Iscan - Translator.

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