Hello, translators! A translators, our team is very excited to launch this service for ELOQUĒNTIA Magazine. If you want to translate original content for the page, you will need to pass a small level test. We take our profession very seriously and we hope that others will do the same. Fill out the form available below to get started. But don't go yet! Before doing so, please read carefully the rules and conditions explained below.


You need to have an excellent or native level of English, French or Spanish, both in reading and writing. It is recommended to have had previous experience in the world of translation, but it is not necessary.


Rejected work

If your work does not meet the ELOQUĒNTIA rules and conditions, we will notify you. You will have another opportunity to make the necessary changes. If the third still does not meet the quality requirements, your translation will not be published.

If the use of automated translation tools is detected, your work will be discarded immediately and you will not be able to collaborate with us again.

Style guide for translators

Our free style guide for translators working from English or French into Spanish.

Click on the icon below to download it.

Rules and regulations


This is not a paid experience.

We only work with English, French and Spanish. 

You must have an excellent or native level, both written and reading skills, in your working languages.

You must translate into standard English, French or Spanish (from Spain). Visit our style guide for more information.​

Once you have passed our level test, we will send you a glossary of useful terms and their translations into the three languages we work with.

You should not use automatic translation tools under any circumstances. If the use of these is detected, your translation will not be published and you will not be able to collaborate with us again.

Any type of previous experience is recommended. Remember that speaking a language does not mean that you can translate it.

If you have any questions about the content of the original text, you can contact the author by email.

Your name will appear in the article as a translator. 

The editorial commission reserves the full right to make changes to the articles and translations for their correct publication in accordance with the ELOQUĒNTIA standards, previously mentioned.

If any of these rules and conditions are not met, we will contact you and you will have a second opportunity to modify your work. If you still do not meet ELOQUĒNTIA's quality and ethical standards, your translation will not be published.

IMPORTANT: At the moment we are not accepting translators working from English into Spanish. Sorry for the inconvenience!
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